Research consistently shows that matchmaking services have a much higher success rate of producing successful relationships than online services, dating clubs, or bar scenes. Catch Matchmaking believes that having a staff work for you saves time, stress, and energy. 90% of clients who hire us have tried the online dating with little or no success because not everyone is completely truthful online. At Catch Matchmaking, your matchmaker interviews everyone face-to-face so they are screened not only with an extensive questionnaire, but they really get to know the person.

What our clients are saying about us

Colleen (32) of Los Angeles says:

“With the popularity of online dating, my friends and I find that getting help from a matchmaking service is more acceptable now. The online guys exaggerated the truths about themselves so that avenue usually ended up in disappointments. Signing on with CATCH gave me hope and I was excited to get some help with my love life. I’ve decided to take control of my life this year. I went out with a couple of guys and I was impressed with the quality of them. Thanks!!”

Rebecca (45) of Sherman Oaks says:

“Thank you May for introducing me to a great guy named Scott. Our first date was amazing and we felt the chemistry right away. Scott is not what I thought was my type but then again, maybe that’s what I was doing wrong all these years.- going out with the bad boys.”

Paul (29) of Long Beach says:

“I’ve never had a dating coach before and it was quite an eye-opener for me after the first session. I’m more confident out in the dating world and can’t wait for my next date.”

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